You've just purchased a new model airplane, now you need to learn to fly it!  One of the many benefits of joining an rc flying club is access to experienced rc pilots willing to share their knowledge.  With newer technologies teaching yourself how to fly has become easier, but it's still a challenging task.  Working with a club member will accelerate the learning process, teach good safety practices, as well as provide tips and tricks to overcome some of the challenges associated with rc flight.  Thinking about getting into the hobby but haven't purchased an aircraft?  Fellow rc pilots can also offer advice on appropriate models to get started.  While many members eagerly share their knowledge, DSRC provides a list of volunteer training coordinators to serve as a point of contact.  Check out the club officers page to find the current list and contact info for training coordinators.  You can also drop by one of the club's flying sites on a nice summer day to see if anyone is flying, or attend a monthly membership meeting any time of year.